Vox AC2 RV-BASS RhythmVOX Bass 2-watt 2×3″ Mini Amp

2W 3-channel Mini Bass Amp with Built-in Rhythm Patterns and Effects

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Revamped Mini Bass Amp Plus Built-in Rhythm Section

Like its predecessor, the AC1 mini amp, the Vox AC2 RhythmVOX (RV) Bass Mini Amp is a tiny but capable powerhouse amplifier — but this one has twice the power of its parent. At less than 7″ long and around 5″ tall, this amp puts out 2W at 4 ohms, has a battery life of around 20 hrs., and offers normal, flat, and scoop sound/EQ settings with five different effects you can add to the sound. On top of that, you get 81 rhythm patterns (nine genres, each including nine variations, and a metronome) with a tempo range from 40–240bpm. Plus, there are Gain, Tone, and Volume controls for further creative sound-shaping.

Versatility on the go

This amp may be compact, but it’s got some serious guitar functionality built in. Its two 3″ speakers transduce 2W of power into loud, great-sounding bass punch when you push it, and you can choose from different sound-shaping EQ settings — normal, flat, and scoop. There are also some tricks up the AC2 RV’s sleeve. You get Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Chorus + Delay, and Chorus + Reverb effects options to spice things up. And the AC2 RV emulates the look of its larger cousins, with appealing AC series styling, tolex, and chicken head control knobs. AC enthusiasts at City Music are proud to show their Vox loyalty!

Stay on tempo

The AC2 RhythmVOX Bass mini amp is aptly named, with nine different rhythm genres built in — each with nine variations — for a total of 81 different rhythm patterns that are great for songwriting, practice, or live backing. The AC2 has a wide tempo range, from 40–240bpm, as well as 1/8″ Aux in, so you can play along with everything from the slowest ambient music to your most frenetic drum and bass tunes. And all of this rhythmic flexibility can be powered by the six included AA batteries or optional 9V DC power supply (PS).

Vox AC2 RhythmVOX Mini Bass Amp Features:

  • Battery-powered (9V PS optional) 2W mini amp/rhythm box with 3 sound settings plus effects
  • Works great as a practice amp, backstage warmup tool, or rhythm generator
  • Plenty of tonal options: choose between Normal, Flat, and Scoop sounds
  • Built-in effects or rhythm available: choose Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Chorus + Delay, and Chorus + Reverb effects options, or 81 rhythm patterns
  • 2 3″ speakers deliver serious bass-focused amplitude
  • “Chicken head” Gain, Tone, and Volume controls for ease of use and authentic looks
  • Tempo range from 40–240bpm; play anything from meditation music to industrial metal
  • AC-series styling cues and attention to detail make this a Vox enthusiast’s dream
  • 6 AA batteries included for instant rock ‘n’ roll right out of the box



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