Korg Drumlogue Hybrid Drum Machine


16-pad Hybrid Drum Machine with Analog, Digital, and MULTI Engines, 11 Tracks, 64-step Sequencer, 10-voice Polyphony, Live Mixing Controls, Onboard FX, Synth Voice, 256 Programs, 256 Drum Kits, 6 Audio Outputs, Headphone Output, Audio Sync I/O, DIN MIDI I/O, USB-A to Device, USB-B to Host, and Third-party Compatibility

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Three Engines, One Machine, Endless Opportunity

If you’re looking for hard-hitting drums that span the spectrum of standalone, studio, and stage use, then you’re in the right place, even if it’s just scratching the surface of what the Drumlogue can do. Korg’s latest drum machine is a triple-threat chimera, boasting three distinct engines for uncompromising customization and sound design: analog, digital, and Multi — an open-source engine revamped by Korg to get even more, fully customizable mileage out of your drum machine. The Drumlogue hosts 16 pads with a 10-voice polyphony, utilizing four analog voices for the rich, classic flavor of old school drums, and six digital voices to handle percussion, sampling, and more. Out of the box, Drumlogue features fully rewritable programs and drum kits, with numerous banks, types, and presets combining for 512 options across both categories. A robust 64-step sequencer, live mixing tools, an intuitive interface, and a versatile I/O suite have City Music’s production pros in agreement that the Drumlogue is a must-have machine that accommodates from the studio to the stage.

Analog character, digital control, your choice

Sound designer at Korg understand that analog and digital drums both have their place. Drumlogue splits the difference without compromising on either. For the slamming oomph that defined classic drum machines, Korg opted for analog voicing to handle kick drums, snare drums, high toms, and low toms, imbuing distinctive and iconic character to keep drums rich, punchy, and versatile. The six remaining voices digitally handle hi-hats, claps, and more to keep sounds crisp and easily tweaked. Moreover, they take care of the two sample tracks, allowing for onboard flexibility that can make extensive use of the Drumlogue’s massive interoperative potential. The Multi voice can be used for anything from synths and drums to full melodies or master FX — the world is your open-source oyster, with each sound freely uploaded, downloaded, and tweaked for your machine.

Play it any way

To say the Drumlogue’s sequencer is powerful would be selling it a bit short. With 11 tracks and 64 steps, loop and chain functions allow you to craft everything from straightforward grooves to elaborate performances. Onboard FX include reverb, delay, and mastering controls, any of which can be applied to each track, or the whole mix. Programs and drum kits are fully rewritable, with 128 options for each area, both of which are broken out into 64 user slots and 64 factory presets over 16 types and 16 banks. Audio texturizing tools are provided for each dedicated drum, as well as tune, attack, and decay parameters for each of the sample slots. A series of ergonomically placed mini knobs let you tweak your levels on the fly, perfectly accompanying the Drumlogue’s live mode, freeing you from the shackles of pre-programmed performance. Plus, the Drumlogue makes fantastic use of the Multi engine’s versatility by providing access to an exclusive collaborative plug-in from Sinevibes, Nano: a virtual analog synth with dual oscillators, ring modulation, distortion, a 4-pole state-variable filter, and its own multi-waveform LFO. Perfect for leads, lows, and anything in between, Nano is an excellent way to experience the scope of the Mutli engine’s power!

Endless integration

It can’t be overstated how accommodating this drum machine can be. Whether it’s solo or accompanied performance, live or in the studio, leading the band or playing support — the Drumlogue has you covered. The 1/4-inch headphone jack sits alongside six additional audio outputs, including a dedicated stereo pair, with the remaining four being freely assignable. A convenient audio input is perfect for processing audio from another device. The Sync I/O lets you easily coordinate with other Korg devices, building out a fully synchronized system. Prefer MIDI? No problem. The DIN MIDI I/O will keep you synched with any gear that’s MIDI-capable. Lastly, two USB ports use A- and B-type connectors to plug out to host and device needs, respectively.

Korg Drumlogue Hybrid Drum Machine Features:

  • 16-pad hybrid drum machine features 3 engines for unmatched creative modularity
  • Analog voicing retains distinctive, rich character for punchy drums
  • Digital voicing handles percussion, sampling, and more with crystal clarity
  • Multi engine is open source and endlessly customizable, providing access to new drums, synth voices, master FX, and more
  • 11-track, 64-step sequencer can handle anything from shorter grooves to full performances
  • Streamlined UI allows for instant tuning and attenuation of drums and samples
  • Live mixing knobs ensure responsive changes for on-the-fly modifications
  • Onboard FX include reverb, delay, and custom third-party Multi choices that can be applied to individual parts or the whole mix
  • Preset drum kits and programs are broken down by bank, type, and preset, all totally rewritable
  • Drums and programs each feature 64 factory presets and an additional 64 user slots
  • Robust I/O suite includes DIN MIDI I/O, audio sync, USB-A and USB-B, and assignable audio outputs for versatile, accommodating use in any setup
  • Experience Nano, an exclusive dual-oscillator synth plug-in that flexes the muscles of Korg’s Multi engine, in collaboration with Sinevibes

Hybrid Drum Machine with Sequencer


16 x Sequencer Keypads


128 x Factory, 128 x User ; VPM/Noise/User Oscillator engine




64 x Factory, 64 x User


64 x Factory, 64 x User


11 track, 64-step ; Step, Live, Motion sequencing


Sample Playback


Reverb, Delay, EQ, Boost, FIlter, Compressor ; 3rd party FX via MULTI engine

Analog Inputs:

1 x 1/8"

Analog Outputs:

2 x 1/4" (L/mono, R), 4 x 1/4" (1-4)


1 x 1/4"



Other I/O:

2 x 1/8" (Sync In, Sync Out)


1 x Type B (host), 1 x Type A (device)


32MB User Sample

Storage Software:

Drumlogue SDK

Power Source:

9V DC power supply (included)








3.09 lbs.

Manufacturer Part Number:



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