Blackstar Dept. 10 AMPED 1 100-watt Guitar Amplifier Pedal


100-watt, 4-channel Amplifier Pedal with 3-band EQ, Cab Sim XLR Output, Universal Voltage, USB Recording, TRS MIDI Input, Reverb, Series and Parallel Effects, Power Reduction, 3 User-programmable Cab Rig Presets, 3 Preamp Voicing Modes, and 6 Response Models

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Pure Blackstar Power in a Pedal-sized Package

Dept. 10 has once again implemented their renowned sound design expertise to deliver 100 watts of bona fide Blackstar sonics that will fit snugly on your pedalboard. As Blackstar’s R&D division, Dept. 10 made the AMPED1 to deliver five distinctive valve responses, alongside a transparent, linear power amp setting, adding the pedal’s exceptional versatility. Variable power reduction options, universal voltage, and a diverse suite of I/O choices ensure straightforward and accommodating integration into any live, studio, or recording setups. Blackstar’s CabRig system allow for deep customization of simulated cab and microphone combinations, using state-of-the-art processing to overcome the “snapshot” limitations of most IR configurations. Three user-preset slots make for easy access, and their free Architect software will let you dive even deeper to fine-tune your tones. Foot-switchable reverb, 3-band EQ, and preset toggling ensure unfettered access to your sound, delivering high-headroom tone with unmatched optimization tools that have City Music’s amplifier afficionados thoroughly impressed.

Unmatched flexibility

Despite the total 100-watt output, the AMPED1 includes a power reduction switch to freely move down to 20- and 1-watt modes. The high-headroom design delivers unwavering tone to any 8- or 16-ohm cabinet setup, with variable USA, UK, and Flat voicing to accompany the five different valve response options. An ergonomic formfactor lets you painlessly switch between KT88, 6L6, EL34, 6V6, and EL84 distinctive valve responses, boasting an impressive array of tonal versatility. A sixth Linear response option can be used with the Flat voicing for crystal-clear amplification with an external amp modeler. Engineered with universal voltage, the AMPED1 can be used worldwide, without worry, from 100V to 240V ~ 50/60Hz.

Optimized connectivity for your setup

With so many ways to play, practice, and record, it only makes sense that the AMPED1 would be able to accommodate those needs. Effects can be used in parallel or in series, and a 3.5mm MIDI input allows for endlessly customizable control patterns to be integrated with the pedal. Two 9V DC outputs host a total of 500mA to reliably power supplementary pedals, with dedicated output and adjustments for the CabRig. Moreover, the USB-C port ensures low-latency connectivity for studio use, eliminating the hassle for excessive wiring and rigging and fully ready for 4-channel audio.

Superlative sound design

Dissatisfied with the limits of Impulse Response approaches, engineers at Dept. 10 rose to the challenge of providing extensive sound design options without an overwhelming UI, resulting the CabRig system. Three onboard slots are available to store user presets, with over 250 mic and cab combinations to choose from, including options for room mics, microphone types, axis orientation, and a master EQ. Blackstar’s free Architect software can be used to access even greater levels of detail to fine-tune your cab with cutting-edge digital modeling technology. The CabRig also features its own level adjustment, line output, and D.I. XLR out, making for flexible recording, gigging, and design use without sonic compromise.

Blackstar Dept. 10 AMPED1 100-watt Guitar Amplifier Pedal Features:

  • 100 watts of true Blackstar amplifier sonics in a lightweight, ergonomically designed pedal
  • Engineered by Dept. 10 – Blackstar’s R&D division – implementing cutting-edge research
  • Power reduction modes can freely toggle between 100-, 20-, and 1-watt modes without compromising output quality
  • Patented TVP technology delivers reliable valved responses for a robust suite of sound design choices
  • Variable preamp voicing modes include USA, UK, and Flat, for standalone use to external sound modeling
  • 3-band EQ and foot-switchable reverb are easily accessed with ergonomic formfactor
  • CabRig DSP uses state-of-the-art technology for over 250 mic/cab combinations to overcome the limits of IR snapshots
  • Free Architect software ensures deep control and customization options for cab simulations, with 3 slots for user presets available on the pedal
  • CabRig outputs include dedicated line out and D.I. XLR
  • Dedicated outputs let you choose between 8- and 16-ohm speaker configurations
  • Universal voltage design promises worry-free use worldwide
  • TRS MIDI input enables customizable control schemes for external use of pedal functions
  • USB-C port means low-latency 4-channel audio for streamlined recording and studio use
  • FX can be run in series or parallel (via Architect)

Solid State

Number of Channels:


Total Power:

100W (20W, 1W settings)




3-band EQ

Amp Modeling:


Number of Models:

6 x Valve Response, 3 x Preamp Voices, 3 x Cab Rig Presets


1 x 1/4"


1 x XLR (cab sim out), 2 x 1/4" (8 ohm, 16 ohm)


1 x 1/4" (line out/headphone)

Effects Loop:

Yes, (series/parallel switchable)


1 x 1/8" (in)


1 x USB-C

Computer Connectivity:




Construction Material:

Aluminum Housing

Power Source:

Standard IEC AC cable, 2 x 9V 500mA Power Outputs






2.4 lbs.

Manufacturer Part Number:



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