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Acoustic Guitar Amplifier


  • 1 Year Warranty


Vox VX50 AG

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

A compact, high-output 50W acoustic guitar amp featuring Nutube.

  • High 50W output power from a revolutionarily lightweight and compact unit.
  • The warm vacuum tube sound of Nutube.
  • Eight-inch coaxial speaker delivers extended high range expression.
  • Bass reflex structure ensures rich low-frequency reproduction.
  • Two-channel design with INSTRUMENT and MIC channels, each equipped with independent volume controls.
  • Independent EQ and high-quality effects allow detailed sound-shaping.
  • MIC in provides phantom power, ideal for vocalists.
  • PHASE switch minimizes acoustic feedback.
  • A rich selection of input/output jacks such as AUX in, PHONES out, and LINE out.

The compact and lightweight VX series of amps is joined by a new 50W model for acoustic guitar, featuring Nutube, the new vacuum tube. With an uncolored, honest, and flat sound, it delivers beautifully rich sound that covers everything from detailed nuances to powerful strokes. Since it also provides a mic jack, it can be easily carried to a live event for a complete single-unit setup. It's also useful for on-stage monitoring. The color scheme features an organic earth color.

Revolutionarily lightweight and compact, with 50W of high output

In spite of its high 50W output power, the lightweight 4.1 kg (9lbs) body and compact design mean that transportation is easy. The one-piece ABS chassis ensures high durability and great sound quality while keeping the weight light.

The warm vacuum tube sound of Nutube

By using Nutube, the new vacuum tube, this amp achieves high 50W output power while being more compact, lightweight, and power-efficient. You'll enjoy the inimitably rich overtones and sonic power of vacuum tubes, as well as a clear and compressed output tone.

Eight-inch coaxial speaker delivers extended high-frequency expression

The two-way coaxial speaker features a powerful eight-inch speaker plus tweeter. From a bountiful low range to clear highs, the output is transparent-sounding while ensuring a sense of volume. Another major distinctive is the excellent sense of positioning that you expect from a coaxial speaker. You'll enjoy excellent response even for the subtle expressions that are idiomatic to the acoustic guitar.

Bass reflex structure provides ample output power and rich low-frequency reproduction

A proprietary, optimized bass reflex structure is used, with every detail adjusted specifically for the acoustic guitar. The chassis uses ABS polymer for its light weight, durability, and excellent acoustical properties. This also allows for a 3D design that would be impossible with wooden material and achieves the ideal cabinet resonance. In addition, wood is used for the baffle, achieving the optimal resonance for a guitar amp. While the chassis is polymer, the stony-finish exterior also emanates a distinctive sense of high quality.

Independent EQ and high-quality effects allow detailed sound-shaping

The INSTRUMENT channel provides a three-band EQ with BASS, MIDDLE, and TREBLE. This gives you the means to shape the full range of an acoustic guitar's sound, from delicate tones to powerful strokes. The MIC channel provides an independent two-band EQ with BASS and TREBLE. Independent effects are also provided for each channel: the INSTRUMENT channel features high-quality chorus, reverb, and chorus+reverb, while the MIC channel features reverb. This one unit has everything you need to shape your sound, including vocals. The power amp section has a built-in limiter, so you're ensured of clean and undistorted sound even if the master control is raised too far.

Two-channel design with INSTRUMENT and MIC channels, and a generous selection of input/output jacks

For inputs, this amp provides not only INSTRUMENT, but also MIC with phantom power. Each input has an independent VOLUME control. The INSTRUMENT input also has a PHASE switch that reduces acoustic feedback. Additionally, there's an AUX IN jack for connecting your audio player or rhythm machine for jam sessions, a LINE OUT jack that can be connected to your PA system, and a headphone jack that's ideal for practicing at home.

Vox VX50 Series

VX50 AG / BA / KB

Announcing the VX50 series, delivering 50W of high output and real vacuum tube sound from an ultra-light and compact unit. Nutube delivers the fat and powerful sounds that can only be obtained from a vacuum tube, and a distinctive and carefully-calculated cabinet structure provides powerful sound that you wouldn't believe could come from a unit of this size. The lineup contains three models for acoustic guitar, bass, and keyboard, giving you the ideal unit for any situation: at-home use, studio practice, small live events or on-stage monitoring. It's the birth of a revolutionary set of amps that, although compact and lightweight, bring you the rich overtones and high volume that you expect from vacuum tubes.


  • A three-model lineup of compact, lightweight, high-output amps for acoustic guitar, bass, and keyboard
  • 50W of output in an unimaginably small package
  • Features Nutube, the new vacuum tube that delivers true vacuum tube sound
  • Stunning sound quality, thanks to unique structural design features such as all-in-one construction, bass reflex structure, and large-diameter duct

Stunningly lightweight while delivering a full 50W of output power

In spite of their 50W high output, the compact design and lightweight body of approximately 4 kg (8.8 lbs) means that these amps are supremely portable. Each model provides a generous selection of the ideal input/output jacks, giving you the means to deal with a variety of playing styles and situations.

The warm vacuum tube sound of Nutube

By using Nutube, the new vacuum tube, these amps provide the organic feel of an analog circuit that cannot be completely reproduced digitally, such as a rich overtone structure, a distinctive sense of compression, and quick response. This delivers an enormous advantage not only in sound but also in playability.


This is a new vacuum tube that was born from cooperative development between Korg and Noritake Itron Corporation. Like a conventional vacuum tube, it has an anode grid filament structure, and operates as a complete triode vacuum tube. It generates the warm overtones that are distinctive of a vacuum tube. By applying Noritake Itron Corporation's electroluminescent tube technology with certain modifications to its structure, the Nutube achieves dramatically improved power efficiency, miniaturization, and higher product quality in comparison to conventional vacuum tubes.

Unique cabinet structure captures a mellow low-end

While inheriting a cabinet structure that was developed for the VX I/II, these amps feature a new bass reflex design and reinforced construction. A large-diameter duct and wooden braces were added to obtain a powerful sound that goes beyond the limits of its size. The speaker construction and structural design are optimized for each model to express the character of each instrument with perfect clarity. A lightweight and highly durable one-piece ABS chassis allows the sound to be projected without any loss.

VX50 AG      
Input/Output Jacks INSTRUMENT: 1/4” phone jack (unbalanced) MIC: XLR jack (balanced) AUX IN: 1/8” stereo mini phone jack LINE OUT: 1/4” phone jack (unbalanced) Headphones: 1/8” stereo mini phone jack
Phantom Power +15 V
Valve Nutube 6P1

MIC channel: REVERB

Equalizer INSTRUMENT channel:
BASS: ±10dB@100Hz
MIDDLE: ±12dB@700Hz
TREBLE: ±10dB@10kH
  MIC channel:
BASS: ±10dB@170Hz
TREBLE: ±10dB@7kHz
Output power Maximum approx. 50W RMS
Speaker VOX Original 8” speaker with tweeter (2-way coaxial)
Power supply AC adapter (DC 19V)
Current consumption 3.42A
Dimensions (W x D x H) 354 mm × 208mm × 313mm / 13.94" × 8.19" × 12.32"
Weight 4.1 kg / 9.04 lbs.
Included items AC adapter (DC 19V), power cord
* Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.
* All product names and company names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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