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Out Of Stock -30% VOX Starstream Type 1 ( Frame Red )

VOX Official Distributor in Singapore

VOX Starstream Type-1 Frame Red

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Modeling Electric Guitar with AREOS-D system


  • 6 Months Warranty

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The company that pioneered onboard electronics introduces a fresh new approach to the modern electric guitar.

Created to provide a wide range of sounds including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synths and other stringed instruments, the VOX Starstream Type-1 is the ultimate product if you are seeking a new way of looking at what a guitar is and what it can do. Whether you are playing with a band, in the studio or practicing silently at night with headphones, the Starstream Type-1 offers exciting new possibilities.

Incorporating the AREOS-D system, the Starstream Type-1 is the latest expression of VOX’s long-standing tradition of breaking through the boundaries of onboard guitar electronics, putting control over your sound at your fingertips. The system integrates several essential elements: magnetic pickups for authentic electric guitar models; a piezo pickup system for rich-sounding traditional instruments; a powerful DSP engine;

familiar volume, tone and pickup selector controls and a Control Module that provides instant access to important parameters. Whether you are looking for the flexibility of 27 instrument models instantly at your command or desire the convenience of tailoring models to sound amazing through headphones, the Starstream Type-1 offers an unmatched sonic experience.

  • Exclusively developed AREOS-D system, uses the guitar’s magnetic pickups to create the electric guitar models for greater realism and accuracy. The sophisticated approach results in a highly accurate and articulate representation of the modeled instrument.
  • Nine banks of instruments with three variations in each plus two user banks to store up to six favorites.
  • Five banks with classic and modern electric single coil and humbucking sounds, plus three variations of electric 12-string.
  • Two acoustic banks featuring six different guitars including small body, large body, 12-string and nylon string instruments.
  • Banjo, sitar and resonator models make up the Other bank.
  • The Special bank holds two synthesizer variations, Synth and Bass Synth and a Sustain mode that produces a distinctive organ-like effect (depth of the Sustain mode’s vibrato effect is controlled by the Tone control). For Synth, you can control both Decay and Attack parameters at once using the Tone knob. Using the Tone control, both Envelope and Resonance parameters are adjusted simultaneously for Bass Synth.
  • Onboard Drive and Reverb (model dependent) control for real-time adjustments to gain or reverb depth. Depending on the model selected, either Drive or Reverb can be stored in a user bank, set to on or off.
  • FX pushbutton with an LED for instantaneous on/off switching of Reverb or Drive effect, depending on model selected.
  • Synth sounds track effortlessly and respond dynamically to touch, pick attack and vibrato.
  • Simple, intuitive volume, tone and three-way model variation selector controls make changes quick and easy.
  • ¼” output for live performance or recording and 1/8” output for use with headphones for private listening and practice.
  • 22 fret bolt-on hard maple neck with rosewood fingerboard with 12” radius.
  • Sculpted mango body. 2 x XLM humbucking pickups. 2-point fulcrum vibrato. Sealed diecast tuning machines.
  • Starstream Type-1 is available in five color options

Starstream Type-1 Available Models

Starstream Type-1 is available with five color options - two body colors and three frame color options.


Resonant Mango Body Wood and Hard Maple Neck

Mango is a tropical hardwood with a warm, resonant sound highlighted by rich, smooth sustain that enhances the depth and realism of the guitar models. Combined with a hard maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, it provides crisp attack with a balance of sparkling harmonics, rich fundamental sound and even tone that brings each modeled voice to life.

AREOS-D Control Module

Many hours of testing, revising and reconfiguring the placement and purpose of all controls on the Control Module ensure that you will have the clearest, easiest and most flexible functions at your command. There are no confusing complicated submenus - everything you need to have a seamless (and most importantly, musically creative) experience with the Starstream Type-1 has been developed to be convenient for every player.


Research during the development of the Starstream Type-1 showed that players nearly unanimously requested the instrument include classic synth models that track and provide user control over sound-shaping parameters during performance. Most attempts to get pitch-to-MIDI synth patches for guitar to track cleanly have been disappointing. Using highly developed DSP logic and fine tuning information from the string resulted in synth sounds that can be played more comfortably than on most guitar synths with less fear of glitches or missed notes.

Electric Guitar Models and Drive Control

Aside from providing convincingly realistic electric and acoustic guitar sounds, the Starstream Type-1 adds control of overdrive to electric models in a way that is user-friendly and modifiable in real time. The AREOS-D control system was specifically designed to allow you to easily and quickly change the amount of effect on a given model, turn that effect on or off and change an electric sound from clean to crunchy to full-out distorted while playing, without stopping to reset a parameter or needing to hook the guitar up to a computer and use software to modify the model before using it.

Special Instruments

Versatility was at the top of the list of necessary major attributes when developing the Starstream Type-1. If you want to double on other stringed instruments like banjo, sitar and resonator guitar, you will no longer have to carry additional gear that will only be used briefly.

Magnetic Pickups: The Source of the Electric Sounds

Electric models are built using the sound of the magnetic pickups and their position information. Specially developed DSP, further enhances the realism and character of each model. Models built this way feel and sound more natural and exhibit the dynamic response you expect from analog electric guitars.

The Result

The Starstream Type-1 is an exceptionally versatile instrument, ready to be explored by the modern guitarist. If your goal is to have the flexibility to include a wide variety of instruments to suit your music, your mood or simply to explore new sounds, we’ve put everything you’ll need right in this guitar.

GroupThree-Way SwitchEffect
User User 1 Program 1 Program 2 Program 3 (*1)
User 2 Program 4 Program 5 Program 5
Electric Type Single Neck Middle Bridge
B’tween Variation 1 Variation 2 Variation 3
Bucker Neck Middle Bridge Drive
Modern Neck (Single) Bridge (Single Bridge ('Bucker)
12 Strings Down 12 Strings Ele 12 String 1 Ele 12 Srings 2
Acoustic type,other Acous 1 Large 1 Large 2 Aco 12 Strings
Acous 2 Nylon Small 1 Small 2 Reverb
Unique Banjo Sitar (*2) Resonator
Special Synth (*3) Bass Synth (*3) Sustain (*4)
  • * 1 The effects for user programs will differ depending on the sound.
  • * 2 For the SITAR, use the TONE knob to adjust the level of the sympathetic strings.
  • * 3 For the SYNTH and BASS SYNTH, unintended sounds may occur if you play chords. In general, you should play only single notes.
  • * 4 For the SUSTAIN, the notes you play are sustained, producing an organ-like sound. To stop the sustain, either play staccato or mute the string.


Onboard System AREOS-D System, incorporating the Control Module, Magnetic Pickups, Piezo Pickup, Volume, Tone and Pickup Selector Switch
Body Mango
Neck Material Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood
Neck Dimensions Fingerboard Radius: 310mm, Neck Shape: "C" Shape, Scale Length: 25 1/8" (638 mm), Number of Frets: 22, Fret Size: Medium jumbo, Nut Width: 43 mm
Pickups VOX XLM x 2, Piezo Pickup in each Saddle
Bridge 2 Post Tremolo
Controls 3 position model switch, Group selector, VOLUME knob, TONE knob, DRIVE/REVERB knob, POWER button and LED, FX (effect) / CANCEL button and LED, WRITE button and LED
Number of Sounds 27 (9 banks x 3)
User Programs 6 (2 banks x 3)
Outputs Guitar output jack (1/4" phone type), Headphone jack (1/8" phone type)
Power Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 4, or Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AA, HR6) x 4
Expected Battery Life under Continuous Use Alkaline battery: 11 hours, Rechargeable Ni-MH battery: 15 hours * These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.
Color Options Starstream Type-1 Black (VSS-1-BK/Black Frame with Semi-Gloss Black body,
Starstream Type-1 Red (VSS-1-RD/Black Frame with Semi-Gloss Red body)
Starstream Type-1 Frame Black (VSS-1-FBK Metallic Black Frame with See-Through Semi-Gloss Black body)
Starstream Type-1 Frame White (VSS-1-FWH/Metallic White Frame with See-Through Semi-Gloss Black body)
Starstream Type-1 Frame Red (VSS-1-FRD/Metallic Red Frame with See-Through Semi-Gloss Black body
Accessories Tremolo Arm, Adjustment wrench, Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 4 (for checking the instrument purpose only), Gig bag
  • * All product, company, and standard names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
  • * Appearance and specifications of products are subject to change without notice.

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