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Udo Roesner Amps Da Capo 75

Udo Roesner Amps Da Capo 75

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75 Watt 2 Channel Acoustic Combo Amp


  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Shoulder Bag Included


Excellence in Natur-real Amplification.

Udo Roesner, who has been designing acoustic instruments for over 30 years and is also known as the founder of AER Amps, has launched a new brand. The first model to introduce Udo Roesner Amps is Da Capo 75. A combo amplifier that boasts the best performance and specifications in a compact housing.

Udo Roesner Amps products are designed and developed by Udo Roesner himself at MARco-labs in Germany and France. By producing in Indonesia, which has a reputation for musical instrument production, we have achieved reasonable prices while maintaining quality.

A 2-channel acoustic instrument combo amplifier equipped with custom-made 8-inch twin cone type speakers. It boasts a 75W output power in a compact housing and has six types of effects. Optimal size, power and performance. The ideal amplifier for acoustic instruments.

A newly redesigned sound that incorporates the know-how cultivated over many years of amplifier production

The Da Capo 75 features a more optimized bass and mellow but clear midrange compared to conventional amplifiers

2 channel specifications

Each channel supports mic / line (with combo jack), 3-band EQ, and 6 effects.

Abundant input / output terminals

Equipped with two channel independent DI outs, two line outs with different output levels, AUX input, phantom power, high pass filter, headphone out, etc.

Compact and robust housing

Achieving sufficient output and durability in a compact case that is easy to carry. It is also easier to carry in the included bag.



  • input 1 / input 2 common: XLR & 1/4 inch TRS phone combo jack
  • line mode: High impedance jack for musical instruments (directly connected from pickup), unbalanced, line level
     impedance: 2.2MΩ
     Sensitivity: 22mV (-33dBV) * Attenuation can be set by internal jumper
     Equivalent noise level: 1uV (-120dBV) A -Weighted
  • mic mode: XLR balanced / phone jack unbalanced
     impedance (XLR balance): 1.2kΩ
     impedance (phone jack unbalanced): 2.7kΩ
     sensitivity: 3.3mV (-50dBV)
     voice filter: -10dB @ 270Hz
     equivalent noise level: 0.8uV ( -122dBV) A-Weighted
     phantom power (XLR only): 48V max 10mA (with short protection circuit)
    • return: 1/4 inch phone jack, unbalanced, premaster


    • phones: 1/4 inch TRS stereo phone jack

      Impedance: 470Ω
      * Mono jack cannot be used
      * Output from speakers is muted when headphones are connected

    • send: 1/4 inch phone jack, unbalanced, premaster

      Output voltage: 1.4V (+ 3dBV)

    • line out 1 / line out 2: 1/4 inch phone jack, unbalanced, preamp out

      Output voltage 2: 1.74V (+ 3dBV)
      Output voltage 1: 0.33V (-4.6dBV)

    • DI-out 1 / DI-line out 2: 1 XLR balance, pre-master, post-EQ / effect

      Output voltage: 140mV (-17dBV)
      (1 = ground / 2 = hot / 3 = cold)

    Foot switch

    • footswitch: 1/4 inch TRS stereo phone jack
    • Latch type dual foot switch connected
      (Tip = on / off of built-in effect / Ring = parameter setting tap n 'delay / sleeve = ground)


      • channel 1
    tone: -3dB @ 700Hz, + 7dB @ 8kHz
    bass: 8dB @ 100Hz (shelf type)
    middle: 6dB @ 800Hz
    treble: 8dB @ 10kHz (shelf type)
      • channel 2
        hpf filter: 40Hz-350Hz
    bass: 8dB @ 100Hz (shelf type)
    middle: 6dB @ 800Hz
    treble: 8dB @ 10kHz (shelf type)


    • effect presets:
      1-reverb short
      2-reverb long
      4-custom delay
      5-my delay
      6-tap n 'delay
    • external effect: parallel effect loop
    • efx pan: effect amount setting for internal effects / internal effects)
    Power amplifier output 75W / 4Ω
    Speaker system 8 inch (200mm), twin cone full range
    Cabinet 12mm plywood
    Body Finish Sputter finish with black polyester
    Power consumption Up to 200W
    Power supply 100VAC (50 / 60Hz)
    Dimensions 265mm (H) × 325mm (W) × 245mm (D)
    Body weight 7.5kg
    Accessories 24.9"
    • * Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.
    • * All product names and company names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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