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New Martin 18A0127 String Winder

Martin Guitar's Official Distributor in Singapore

Martin 18A0127 String Winder

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String Winder with Gentle Polymerized Tips and Ergonomic Handle

Wind Your Strings with Ease

Changing strings has never been safer or easier than with the new 18A0127 String Winder from Martin. Produced in partnership with MusicNomad, this premium string changing tool features a soft rubber-lined comfort grip and tip that makes fast, silent string winding a breeze. Citymusic players find the Martin Winder’s soft tip a must-have feature. Not only does it make string winding silent and clank-free, but it also protects our guitars by keeping tuning pegs free of scratches and dents.

Martin 18A0127 String Winder Features:

  • Efficient bearing mechanics yield silent and super-fast winding with hardly any effort
  • Compatible with almost any tuning peg design
  • Soft metal-friendly design keeps tuning pegs scratch-free
  • Rubber-lined comfort grip allows for smooth 1-handed operation
  • Produced in partnership with MusicNomad Equipment Care

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