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New -10% Mackie CR2-X Cube Compact Desktop Speakers

Mackie Official Distributor in Singapore

Mackie CR2-X Cube Compact Desktop Speakers

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Compact Desktop Speaker Set with BMR Driver Technology, Capacitive Touch Controls, USB and Bluetooth Connectivity, Subwoofer Output, and Auxiliary Input - Pair

Tiny but Mighty Desktop Speakers

Mackie’s CR2-X Cube Compact Desktop Speakers offer amazing sound to content creators and music lovers. They utilize a compact design that effortlessly fits onto the most crowded desks. CR2-X Cube speakers have plenty of connectivity options, allowing you to run analog, digital, or Bluetooth wireless audio. Need more bass in your space? The Mackie CR2-X Cube speakers have a built-in subwoofer output that makes incorporating a sub easy. Finally, capacitive touch controls allow you to quickly mute or tweak your audio level whenever you need to. If you have limited space on your desk and need a great pair of computer speakers, Citymusic recommends the Mackie CR2-X Cube Compact Desktop Speakers.

Powerful BMR driver technology

How does such a small pair of speakers create so much sound? Mackie loaded the CR2-X Cube speakers with a pair of BMR drivers. BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) technology ups the ante on traditional speaker design by cramming a full-range driver into a smaller package without sacrificing sound quality or dispersion characteristics. Once you plug them in, you’ll appreciate a wide sweet spot and a room-filling sound.

Input options for any setup

The Mackie CR2-X Cube speakers come outfitted with various input options to fit into anyone’s setup. If you have a spare USB port, feel free to run your audio digitally through the CR2-X Cube’s onboard USB-C port. Analog purists will appreciate the 1/8-inch aux input. What’s more, these speakers are Bluetooth 5.0-enabled, which allows you to stream your audio wirelessly from your computer or smart device. Whichever input option you choose, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear audio quality every time.

Extend the low-end with any subwoofer

Want some extra bass response? You’re in luck because the Mackie CR2-X Cube speakers include a 1/8-inch subwoofer output. Once you plug the subwoofer in, the automatic jack detection automatically engages the subwoofer crossover mode to optimize the frequency response. The CR2-X Cube speakers are designed for the Mackie CR6S-X subwoofer, and they are compatible with most other consumer subwoofers. If you love booming bass, you’ll love using a sub with your CR2-X Cube compact desktop speakers.

Mackie CR2-X Cube Compact Desktop Speakers Features:

  • Ultra-compact desktop speaker design saves valuable space on your desk
  • BMR driver technology provides a room-filling sound and full-range frequency response
  • USB-C input transfers your audio digitally
  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility enables wireless operation
  • 1/8-inch auxiliary input offers all-analog operation
  • Subwoofer output lets you add a subwoofer under the desk
  • Subwoofer jack detection automatically engages subwoofer crossover mode
  • Capacitive touch volume and mute buttons give you control over your audio


Powered Yes
Power Configuration Single Amp
Quantity Pair
Input Types 1 x 1/8"
Output Types 1 x 1/8" (subwoofer out)
USB 1 x Type C
Bluetooth v5.0
Enclosure Type Sealed
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