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New Korg Nu:Tekt TR-S Power Tube Reactor Effect Pedal Kit

KORG Official Distributor in Singapore

Korg Nu:Tekt TR-S Power Tube Reactor Effect Pedal Kit

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Programmeable Effect Pedal Kit

Achieves the response = feel of a tube guitar amp

The TR-S is a Nutube-equipped effector designed to achieve the response (=feel) of a tube guitar amp. A new patent-pending technology that utilizes Nutube achieves an unprecedented power tube-like compression effect. Even in situations where tube amps are not available, such as transistor amps and recording, you can get the feel that guitarists want. The ultimate solution for guitarists looking for the feel and dynamics of a tube amp.

One of the attractions of the Nu:Tekt series is that you can assemble it yourself, but the TR-S kit does not require soldering and comes with the necessary tools. The easiest and fastest to assemble Nu:Tekt series ever. While enjoying the fun of DIY, you can have a compression pedal with the sound and feel of a tube amp.

Behavior of vacuum tube power amplifier, SAG reproduced with Nutube

Nutube's unique circuit configuration (patent pending) that allows the vacuum tube itself to perform compression operation. Nutube reproduces the SAG (compression feeling) that is the behavior of vacuum tube power amplifiers in all situations such as transistor amplifiers and DTM. In addition to the four knobs on the panel, there are also three trimmer knobs inside the cover on the top of the housing, allowing you to further refine your sound. Because it provides a natural compression effect, it can also be used for instruments other than the guitar.

Easy to assemble like a plastic model

Since soldering is not required, it can be easily assembled like a plastic model. It also comes with the necessary tools. The circuit diagram is also published, and we propose new ways to use Nutube for self-made effector enthusiasts. Unlike "distortion", you can create sounds by combining with existing equipment with a neutral sound.


Vacuum Tube Nutube.6P1.
Connecting Terminal INPUT jack (monaural phone jack), OUTPUT jack (monaural phone jack), DC 9V jack
Power Supply 9V alkaline dry battery (6LF22/6LR61/sold separately) or DC 9V AC adapter (sold separately)
Battery Life About 5 hours (when using alkaline batteries)
External Dimensions (width x depth x height) 122×96×55mm
Weight 340g (excluding batteries)
Includes Instruction manual, Sticker, Tool & Pick set
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