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Out Of Stock -20% KORG PA1000

KORG Official Distributor in Singapore


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61-Key Professional Arranger Keyboard


    • 1 Year Warranty


Rediscover & Redefine Your SG Sounds

A couple of years on since the launch of the Pa600SG – the original and first ever Singapore music keyboard that started it all – a NEWLY DEVELOPED set of SG local sounds and styles that capture the essence of our Singaporean heritage is NOW AVAILABLE for incorporation with the latest arranger keyboards in KORG's Pa Series: the Pa700Pa1000, and Pa4X.
The KORG x City Music SG sounds & styles are available now on all new PaSG keyboards (Pa600SG, Pa4X, Pa700, Pa1000) exclusively at City Music. If you have previously purchased a Pa4X, Pa700, and Pa1000, do Contact Us for more information on how to install these bonus sounds and styles pack.

Performance that takes you places

The Pa1000 has plenty of new sounds (featuring Defined Nuance Control for enhanced realism) which keep performances fresh and exciting,

as well as an enormous expanded range of styles covering music genres from all over the world.

Combine this with powerful performance functionality, an intuitive user interface and rich, sculpted sound and you have an Arranger for the most discerning and demanding player.

The Pa1000 has raised the bar by offering newer, even more realistic sounds and powerful new features, delivered in a slim and professional looking design, at an affordable price.

KORG #PaSGSounds Instruments

List of Chinese Instruments

  • Gu Zheng Plucked Strings (Zither Family)
  • Pi Pa Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
  • Liu Qin Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
  • San Xian Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
  • Ruan Plucked Strings (Lute Family)
  • Er Hu Bowed Strings (Huqin Family)
  • Yang Qin Hammered Strings (Chinese Dulcimer Family)
  • Di Zi Wind Instrument (Flute Family)
  • Jing Bo Percussion (Cymbals Family)
  • Xiao Luo / Jing Luo Percussion (Gong Family)
  • Ban Gu Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)

List of Malay Instruments

  • Cak Lengpong Percussion (Brass-Mallet Family)
  • Angklung Percussion (Wooden)
  • Kompang Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Seruling Wind Instrument (Flute Family)
  • Rebana Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Malay Gong Percussion (Brass-Mallet Family)
  • Marwas Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Serunai Wind Instrument (Flute Family)
  • Gendang Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)

List of Indian Instruments

  • Dholak Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Mridangam Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Nadhaswaram Woodwind (Brass Family)
  • Thavil Percussion (Wood-Skin Family)
  • Veena String Instrument (Plucked Family)



61 semi-weighted keys (C2 – C7) with velocity and aftertouch


128 Voices, 128 Oscillators

Sound Presets 1,750+ including two multilayer Stereo Pianos with damper and body resonance, GM/XG sound sets and 107 Drum Kits; Pa1000SG comes preloaded with Sounds and Styles to suit a variety of traditional music tastes from the Chinese, Malay and Indian community. 
User Presets 512 Sounds; 256 Drum Kits
Styles  430+ preloaded Styles, freely reconfigurable

Accompaniment/Song: 2 insert effects; 2 master effects (148 types)
Keyboard Sounds: 1 insert effect; 2 master effects (148 types)
Final Mastering Effects: Limiter, master EQ
Voice Processor: EQ, compressor, gate, 3-voice harmonizer (or double), 2 x FX
Harmonizer and Double: Technology by TC-Helicon
Presets: More than 30 factory, 64 user
Guitar Processor: 3 x FX. Presets: 45 factory, 64 user


Quick Record (Backing Sequence), Multitrack and Step Record functions 
Full-featured sequencer, 16 tracks, Up to 200,000 events, SMF (MID) native format

Control Input Damper pedal (support half-pedaling with optional DS-1H pedal)
Assignable pedal/switch
Mic/Line Input Line (Left/Right): 2 x 1/4" (6.3 mm) jack
+20 dBm, 12 kOhms
Mic/Guitar (Left): 1 x 1/4" (6.3 mm), with gain control (0 to +40 dB)
12 kOhms (Mic)/500 kOhms (Guitar)
Output Line (Left/Right): 2 x 1/4" (6.3 mm) jack
+20 dBm, 12 kOhms
Headphone Output: 1 x 1/4" (6.3 mm)
16 to 200 Ohms (50 Ohms suggested)
MIDI Standard MIDI connectors
USB to MIDI using the USB ports
Eight user definable MIDI setups
Storage Internal Memory: 960 MB
USB external drives (not included)
MicroSD card (not included); rear-panel slot with plastic cover
Display 7.0" (43.2 cm) wide capacitive color TouchView TFT display - manual tilt system
Dimensions 40.55" x 14.89" x 5.36" (103 x 37.83 x 13.3 cm)
Weight 23.7 lb (10.75 kg)
  • * Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.
  • * All product names and company names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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Rediscover + Redefine Your Singapore Sounds

Pa1000SG Sounds & Styles Guide