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Out Of Stock -20% Korg ARP2600M Semi-Modular Synthesiser with Case and microKEY2 37 – Limited Edition

KORG Official Distributor in Singapore

Korg ARP2600M Semi-Modular Synthesiser with Case and microKEY2 37 – Limited Edition

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Semi-Modular Synthesiser


Korg ARP2600M Semi-Modular Synthesiser – Limited Edition

The ARP2600 is arguably the most iconic and recognizable synthesizer of all time. More than a synthesizer, the ARP2600M is a complete sound design studio. Even today, the ARP 2600 stands as a bridge between the individual elements of modular synthesis and the immediacy of a production/performance instrument. This ARP2600M limited edition package also comes with a dedicated Carry Case, a set of exclusive ARP stickers, as well as a microKEY 37 so you can start playing right away.

Improved Features

The new ARP2600M is not only faithful to the original, but it also includes an array of added features that will make it even easier to use: The is a Plug-and-Play unit so you can connect any class-compliant MIDI controller such as a KORG microKeys, nano keys or SQ-64 to one of the ARP2600M’s USB ports; (USB-A and USB-B) and automatically get full control of your instrument. The new size makes it easier to visualize your patch and also allows you to use shorter patch cables. It offers two types of filters from two versions of the original ARP 2600: (4012 type, 4072 type DIN MIDI IN added). With the Pitch-bend, Modulation and Portamento ON/OFF you can now control through MIDI CC messages (USB/DIN MIDI).

The threshold of the trigger signal required to activate the ADSR through the S/H GATE JACK has become 5V. As a result, the ARP2600M makes it much easier to use in combination with other gear such as volcas or Eurorack modules. It also features improved Attack and Release time ratios and offers an L/R Stereo Output Jack (instead of XLR). The speakers will turn off automatically when using headphones and the control has been improved offering smoother sliders.

MicroKEY 37

This ARP2600M package offers the microKEY 37. Since the microKEY is USB bus-powered, you only need a single USB cable to connect it to Mac or Windows. There’s no need to install a driver. Just use your preferred music software (or install any of the applications provided with microKEY); connect it to your computer and start playing right away. The second generation of microKEY now supports easy connection to iPad and iPhone. Add an Apple Lightning – USB camera adaptor and one USB cable and your setup are complete. This allows you to access apps such as KORG Gadget, KORG Module, and GarageBand.

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