As the sole Zoom Authorized Distributor for Singapore, City Music is proud to announce the launch of Zoom Singapore's official Facebook page, & we invite all Singapore creators to Follow & Like us at @ZoomSoundLab.SG

Since its founding in 1983 in Tokyo, Japan, the Zoom Corporation has been equipping creators around the world with innovative yet affordable audio equipment and electronic music devices, in accordance with Zoom's basic philosphy “WE'RE FOR CREATORS”.

The company prides itself on maintaining a fusion of engineering expertise and artistic sensibilities – meaing it's not just about having advanced technological skills, but also the sense and desire to harness them creatively and imaginatively.

Even today, after over 30 years, the brand remains dedicated to building on its established reputation for innovation by continually developing new and unique products that allow artists around the world to more freely express their ideas, yet are highly accessible to anyone, from amateur to professional.

No matter if you're a classically-trained pianist or a run-and-gun filmmaker, Zoom's wide array of recording devices, multi-effects processors, audio interfaces and mixers is sure to have something that fits your gear bag and budget.

And now, creators in Singapore can stay updated on the latest products, relevant news and local events by keeping in touch with Zoom Singapore on Facebook.

About Zoom Singapore:

Zoom products entered the Singapore market in the early 90's, and since then till now, City Music has been Zoom's sole Authorized Distributor. With years of accumulated experience from growing alongside the music & pro-audio scene, if you are looking for digital music, audio and recording solutions or support, we are the specialists for you.

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