Whether you’re a game developer, filmmaker or musician, virtual reality is the undeniable future of content creation, with numerous market research studies pegging the virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed-reality (MR) consumer markets to grow ten-fold over the next few years. While 360-video is exploding in popularity, the ability to easily create 360-audio has lagged behind…until now.

One-Stop VR Audio

The lightweight and pocket-sized Zoom H3-VR presents a game-changer in the field of VR, AR, and MR content creation. In the past, capturing VR audio meant requiring a dedicated Ambisonics microphone, which had to be hooked up to a separate audio recorder, and then a computer to decode the raw Ambisonics A format audio to VR-ready Ambisonics B audio.

Well now, the revolutionary H3-VR simplifies and streamlines the whole process, as the only dedicated all-in-one VR audio recorder that has a built-in Ambisonic mic, recorder and decoder. With all of the Ambisonics A-to-B encoding and decoding done on board the device itself, the H3-VR finally provides content creators a simple and affordable complete solution for capturing and processing spatial audio for VR, AR, and MR content right in the palm of their hand, saving time, money and effort at every step.

Audio For Every Reality

The H3-VR's 4-capsule Ambisonic mic can capture precise 360-degree VR audio recordings up to 24 bit/96 kHz. Besides recording in Ambisonics format, the H3-VR also records stereo binaural WAV files up to 24 bit/48 kHz. The binaural mode provides a hyper-realistic spatial recording that enhances 2D productions with 3D audio, allowing 2D creators to add more depth to their content than ever before. The H3-VR also offers standard stereo, 5.1ch surround, and even live streaming 360, enabling live streamers to place their fans in the best seats in the house, no matter where they are listening from. 

Fits Anywhere, Captures Everything.

The H3-VR's compact, conical design, allows creators to capture audio from multiple angles without getting in the way of the camera or the action. With its ability to operate for hours on just two AA batteries, and being able to record directly to an SD card, mean it's never been faster and simpler for creators to setup and start recording anywhere without having to lug a bulky and heavy rig around.

Its onboard 6-axis motion sensor make placing the H3-VR extremely simple, as whether its positioned upright, upside down or sideways, the H3-VR automatically calibrates so the recorded audio and video are always already aligned for post. Creators can also monitor their audio live in stereo binaural or use the H3-VR's onboard Ambisonics decoding to simulate their recorded 360-experience during playback.

360º Post-Production Made Easy 

Lastly, the H3-VR's companion ZOOM Ambisonics Player software takes all the work out of post-production by easily converting your Ambisonics files to Stereo, Binaural, 5.1ch surround sound and more. Creators can simply play, trim, re-orientate and export recorded audio files in minutes.

High-quality audio can make or break a video experience or elevate it to new levels. As ZOOM puts it, recorders capture audio, but the H3-VR captures reality. And at such an affordable and easy to use package, it's never been a better time or simpler to upgrade your audio experience for your content creation with the ZOOM H3-VR!

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