Let’s say you’re an aspiring filmmaker. You want to go out there and start filming all your ideas and stories – but here’s the catch: you don’t exactly have the means to purchase professional equipment (because let’s face it, you’re not exactly on Michael Bay’s budget level.) Or maybe you’re already a seasoned journalist. You’re assigned to do a project somewhere in the jungle – but oh no! How are you going to bring all your heavy sound and video equipment over there? Better yet, what if it’s just you and another guy, you two can’t exactly lug all that heavy equipment through the jungles of Africa or something, right? So what now? It all seems kind of hopeless, doesn’t it? Because where are you going to find equipment that’s really mobile, versatile, and even offers you good quality audio that’s perfect for professional use… …well, actually, there’s always Samson’s Go Mic Mobile. But I mean, that’s just what I think – and I’m only the writer of this review, after all.

A Professional Wireless Mic System

Samson’s Go Mic Mobile is the first professional wireless microphone system in the market that allows connection not only to your smartphone, but to DSLR cameras as well. Whichever your device is, the Go Mic Mobile can turn it into a pro-level production studio. Both versions (with the dynamic mic and the lavalier mic) are compatible with both Apple and Android phones. The cables needed for connection are provided (iPhone, Micro USB and USB-C cables). So what makes this wireless mic system “professional?” As I’ve mentioned above, you can attach it to your phone or to your DSLR camera – but that’s not all. It allows connection to tablets and tripods as well. The receiver has a lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable and lasts up to 13 hours! You can even press record on your phone or camera, and both audio and video are simultaneously recorded, meaning that you don’t have to sync them at all! As you can tell, although the Go Mic Mobile might be small, it’s variety of indispensable features are what makes it suitable for professional use!

Better Audio Quality

Now I know what you might be thinking: so what if it’s professional, can it actually give me good audio quality? Oho, the answer to your skepticism is a resounding YES. I’m sure you’ve heard the audio recorded on your phone – and I’m even more certain that you know it’s not exactly the best quality of audio out there. Sure, even the most expensive iPhone can offer you a good quality of audio, but it’s not a quality specifically designed for professional use. The Go Mic Mobile, however, was designed specifically to provide audio quality that’s suitable not just for film and journalism – any creative sector that requires professional audio. But with its quality, you can also expect that the Go Mic Mobile’s audio is perfect for live-streaming, videography, vlogging and so much more.

Dual Channel Usage

My favourite characteristic of the Go Mic Mobile: it allows 2 simultaneous channels of audio at the same time, meaning that you can use either 2 handheld mics, 2 lavalier mics, or even one of each at the same time! It’s perfect for interviews, vlogging, and anything else that requires you to connect two wireless mics at the same time. The signals that you receive from two mics can be mixed together or recorded separately for additional post-production editing. For larger scale operations, you can use up to three full systems simultaneously... meaning a total of 6 mics!

The Advantage of Mobility

If you asked me what I think is the best feature of the Go Mic Mobile, I’d tell you that it’s definitely its mobility. Honestly, that’s the whole point of the product itself – the ability to record anywhere while still offering you quality content without the use of overly expensive/heavy equipment that might be a hassle for you to bring. Moreover, let’s say you’ve been given a last-minute project to work on and you haven’t the time to get all the equipment that you need – fret not! Just swipe your Go Mic Mobile set, strap the receiver onto your phone, connect whichever mic you need and you’re good to go!

The Verdict

Now that you’ve read this review, I’m sure you understand why the Go Mic Mobile is exactly what it is – professional, mobile and versatile. It’s better quality audio and mobility allows you to use it for so many different purposes – and the best part? It doesn’t hold back on all the possibilities. So go ahead – whether you’re a live-streamer, a filmmaker, a journalist, a vlogger or anyone who just wants good quality audio and high mobility, then the Go Mic Mobile is just for you!

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Blog Written By: Isabella