A couple of years on since the launch of the Pa600SG – the original and first ever Singapore music keyboard that started it all – a NEWLY DEVELOPED set of SG local sounds and styles that capture the essence of our Singaporean heritage is NOW AVAILABLE for incorporation with the latest arranger keyboards in KORG's Pa Series: the Pa700, Pa1000, and Pa4X.

Rediscover our heritage sounds

On top of the latest onboard studio-quality sounds + styles + effects, are more than 30 ethnic instrument sounds and more than 50 musical styles from Singapore's 3 primary races:

  • Chinese - eg. Erhu, Guzheng, Lion Dance etc.
  • Malay – eg. Rebana, Angklung, Joget etc.
  • Indian – eg. Sitar, Dholak, Veena etc.

Redefine your own Singaporean music

The KORG Pa Series SG sounds and styles, proudly developed in Singapore and exclusively available from City Music, are much like our beloved little red dot island: absolutely UNIQUE in the world. There isn't anywhere else you'd find ALL 3 ethnic Chinese, Malay and Indian sounds + styles existing together on ONE keyboard.

This unique local Singaporean harmony is now available at your fingertips with the KORG Pa Series SG keyboards to create, define and RE-define the music and sounds of the past, present, and future generations of OURS and YOUR own Singapore to the world.

Create your own Singaporean musical heritage & let's show the world what Singapore can do!

The KORG x City Music SG sounds & styles are available now on all new PaSG keyboards (Pa600SG, Pa4X, Pa700, Pa1000) exclusively at City Music. If you have previously purchased a Pa4X, Pa700, and Pa1000, the SG sounds & styles are also available for installation at City Music.

For more info, please Contact Us.

A PDF list of the Pa Series SG sounds & styles is downloadable in the links below.

KORG Pa1000

KORG Pa SG Series Keyboards List of SG Sounds & Styles


  • Pa700 Styles / Sounds List File Download (PDF)

  • Pa1000 Styles / Sounds List File Download (PDF)

  • Pa4X Styles / Sounds List File Download (PDF)