City Music Singapore Mid Year Markdowns!

It's finally here!

From the 18th June 2020 all the way until 25th June 2020, we have a massive markdown just for you!

With crazy deals across all of our most popular brands and instruments, this is what you've been waiting for! 

A Very Special Series of Livestreams

We know how much you love our livestreams, from live Ableton lessons, to interviews with local musical legends, even entire tutorials on digital audio workstations, we've had as much fun producing them as you had watching them! 

But now, we have a entire series of livestreams featuring our most highly requested intruments,across our most well-loved brands, just for you! Be sure to tune into our daily livestreams, available on Facebook Live, IGTV, and YouTube

Check out our livestream schedule here and be sure to tune in to catch the exclusive promo codes that will only be shown LIVE during the livestreams!

Exclusive Promo Codes?

You read that right! This time, we will be giving out additional, EXCLUSIVE promo codes LIVE on our livestreams! Extra promo codes on top of markdown gear?? Yes! Seriously!


How does it all work? Here is a quick FAQ! 

Q. What are the current promo codes? 

- You can use the promo code "CTM10OFF" for an extra $10 off your purchase (min. $300 spend), this is applicable from 6th June to 7th July 2020!

Q. What are the EXCLUSIVE promo codes?

- We will be releasing some exclusive promo codes LIVE on our livestreams for a higher discount! 

Q. Can I use these codes on items included in the Mid Year Markdown?

- Certainly! So this is the best time to take advantage of this exclusive offers!

Q. How long do these codes last?

- These codes will last for that day only, and will go out of effect after 23:59 of that day! 

Q. Oh no! What if I miss them?

- Don't worry! If you happen to miss that day's code, just tune in the next day, as we will have new codes ever day for all the 8 days of livestreams! 

Q. I can't decide, what if I want to make a purchase tomorrow instead?

- Don't worry! If you need to wait, just tune in the next day, as we will have new codes ever day for all the 8 days of livestreams! 

That's it! Enjoy these special livestreams that we have prepared for you, and remember to stay safe and healthy!