Evolution: the gradual change or development of something overtime. It’s something that happens to everything in our Universe – after all, things change for better or worse. Everything evolves to suit the constantly changing world – and fortunately, that also applies to the renowned Martin guitars. Whether or not you’re a guitarist, as long as you’re someone who has a foot in the music and audio industry, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about C.F. Martin & Co. guitars. Known for their incredible craftsmanship and the high-quality of their guitars, Martin has refused to stay stubbornly in the past – they’ve evolutionized their Standard Series to create a line of guitars that’s now taking the modern world by storm. Known as the Reimagined series, let me take you through the changes made to the wonderful guitars that are not only proof of Martin’s rich history and heritage, but also their desire to constantly evolve to suit the needs of the modern-day guitarist.


The Obvious Differences

So if you’re someone who’s already quite familiar with Martin’s Standard series, then you’ll know just exactly what they look like. Aside from a few special ones, most of the guitars in the series have a solid sitka spruce top and regular white binding. The look of the Martin Standard series is somewhat a classic design – however, for the Reimagined series, they decided to enhance the look of the guitars. The guitars in the new series come with a new finish – a yellowish, aging toner has been applied to give the guitars a warm, vintage appearance. But that’s not the only thing that’s been changed about its appearance; an antique white binding was used on most of the guitars instead of the regular one to further emphasize that vintage feel. However, some of the guitars in the series are a tad bit more special – they have a herringbone binding instead of the antique white one (The herringbone binding guitars will be indicated with an H in front of their model; for example, HD-35. There are five 2018 models with herringbone binding: HD-28, HD-35, HD12-28, HD-28E, and HDC-28E). Now although the changes to their appearance may be considered new, it actually isn’t. The warm, yellowish tone and the antique binding is actually what was used on their guitars back in the early Martin days – during the pre-World War II era. By deciding to bring it back, Martin is giving their early traditions a contemporary twist.

The Not-So Obvious Differences

So aside from the difference in their appearance, the Reimagined series guitars also have some not-so obvious changes that affect and enhance their sound and playing performance. For example, some of the bracing of the guitars have been shifted forward, increasing the bass response and the resonance of these guitars. This decision is reminiscent of Martin guitars in the pre-World War II era, as the guitars back then had scalloped braces that were forward-shifted to about an inch of the sound hole, producing better resonance. Moreover, the necks of these guitars have been changed to a high performance one, giving players a more comfortable grip and increasing the ease of playability. One thing to mention about the 2018 series: when you unbox them, their set-up is already nice. The action feels good enough, and so the playability’s pretty solid, unlike the older series in which you may still need to set-up the action to suit your playing. These changes were made because Martin wanted to listen to their buyers more and understand their preferences in order to create a series of guitars that’s tailored to their customer’s liking.

The Martin Reimagined Series

Ultimately, the Reimagined series is Martin’s idea of evolution; to create a new series of guitars that not only embodies their tradition, but also honours modernisation and the changing of perspective. But it isn’t all just for show, however – with the change in appearance, sound and playing performance comes a je ne sais quoi that only Martin guitars have. Ultimately, Martin returns to its roots while embracing the future. If you want to try out Martin’s newest vision yourselves, then do feel free to come down to City Music and give them a go because although I’ve given you details in this post, it’s certainly up to you to try out the guitars and see what changed from the Standard to the Reimagined series. So do come down and experience the Reimagined series!

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Blog Written By: Isabella