So you’ve come to realise something, something seriously life-changing and intense, something that’s sure to cause ripples in the events that happen afterwards: You want to buy a Korg digital piano. But the thing is, there’s something nagging in the back of your mind: can you afford a digital piano? And trust me, I understand your concern – money doesn’t just drop from the sky, after all. But hey, here’s a fact that’s sure to comfort you: you can get a high-quality digital piano for just under $2000. Don’t believe me? Then read on, and see just which Made in Japan Korg digital piano under $2000 will suit you the most.


G1 Air ($1,777.50)

The G1 Air sets the bar for Korg’s digital pianos. Unique, impeccable and immersive, the G1 is on a whole other level – perfect for those of you who are very experienced or want a piano that can truly offer you much more. On the G1, you can switch between 3 different pianos: the German grand piano, the Austrian grand piano, and the Japanese grand piano. This gives you the chance to experience any music pieces that you want on different grand piano sounds – offering authenticity for pieces that need to be played on a certain piano. Dynamics on the G1 are realistically reflected in the sound no matter which piano sample you select. String Resonance (an essential characteristic of sound of an acoustic piano) is present in the piano – the actual sounds from an acoustic piano of the strings resonating in sympathy. The RH3 keyboard and the Bluetooth functions are both incorporated in the G1, as well as a sophisticated and elegant design that can rival that of an acoustic piano’s. The G1 comes with many more features that you can find on the previous Concert Series pianos, except that it’s the only digital piano with a new speaker system that allows it to fully sound like a grand piano. A custom-designed speaker system recreates the incredibly realistic sounds of the G1 acoustic pianos and other instrument voices. I won’t get too much into the science of the speaker system, but it’s intended to ensure that you hear the full dynamic range of sound while giving you the rich tones of a piano. With 2 headphone jacks, a variety of keyboard layout options, forty piano songs with helpful features for practicing and a two-track song recorder to instantly record your performance, the G1 Air is perfect for beginners and more experience pianists alike. Not only is its features perfect for those who are just starting out, but the G1 also caters to those who are seeking more from their digital piano.


C1 Air ($1,417.50)

If you’re a slightly more experienced pianist, then the C1 Air might just suit your taste! The second of Korg’s Concert Series, the C1 is equipped with a design that screams elegance and sophistication. If you’re an acoustic piano player who wants to switch to a digital piano, then the C1’s design might just instil the right amount of familiarity and nostalgia in you, considering it pays homage to the classic acoustic piano design while also keeping space in mind. However, the design isn’t the only thing that might make experienced players/ex-acoustic piano players happy – the Japan-made RH3 keyboard is sure to capture your hearts! Made to simulate the playing experience of a grand piano, the RH3 keyboard allows heavier playing in the lower region that becomes lighter as you move up the keyboard. It’s really responsive, and dynamics are expressed clearly and properly. Aside from those features, the C1 Air also has many more to accommodate and enrich the player’s experience. The C1 allows you to switch between the tones of a German grand piano or a Japanese grand piano, thus providing the user a broad musical spectrum that they can use to express themselves. The piano carries 30 high-quality instrument sounds and studio effects, a two-track song recorder, 40 piano songs, and three pedals. And – this is my favourite feature – the Bluetooth function, which you can use to connect your phone and not only play along with the songs you want to, but also gives you the advantage of using the piano as a powerful speaker system (if needed!). Perfect for the more experienced pianist or those looking to switch from an acoustic piano to a digital piano, the C1 is definitely a digital piano to consider if you’re one of those whom I mentioned!


LP-380 ($1,003.50)

Now for something that’s much more catered to beginners. Although the LP-380 belongs to an older series of Korg’s digital pianos, it’s still a product that’s sought after by many parents and people interested in starting out. And to be fair, I completely understand why it’s still popular after so many years. The LP-380 comes in 3 different colours: Rosewood, Rosewood Black and White. The piano’s slim and stylish design is also part of what captures people’s hearts – the rosewood grain on the first two colours add a warm, homey effect, plus you can integrate the piano into your household without it taking up too much space. Not only do you get to play the piano any time you want, but it also becomes a part of your home life. With fully-weighted 88 keys and the usual RH3 keyboard, this piano also gives players the experience of playing an acoustic piano. But that’s not all it offers: with three different effects, 30 high-quality instrument sounds, 6 vintage electric piano sounds, a metronome, a LINE-OUT jack and MIDI capability, the LP-380 is more than perfect for those who want to step into the world of pianos!

So now that you know......

Feel free to come on down to our showroom to try out which piano you feel may suit you best! Remember, every individual’s experience with a piano is different, and while I may have written about the features and who may suit which piano model more, it’s ultimately up to you to decide which Korg digital piano speaks to you the most! After all, choosing a digital piano’s a pretty life-changing decision, y’know.

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Blog Written By: Isabella