Zoom’s really on a roll this year. First came the F8n – an extension of the F-series with amazing new features – and now, they’ve even got a brand new extension of the LiveTrak series. With 20 channel inputs, 22 tracks of recording, 6 custom monitor mixes and so much more, the LiveTrak L-20 is certainly something that’ll knock the socks of any recording or mixing engineer.

Countless Features

So what exactly makes the L-20 a noteworthy extension of the series? Well, it’s mostly cause of the countless new features that Zoom has added into its arsenal. With 20 inputs and tracks of recording, you’ll be able to work with a bigger variety of sound, should you need to. Moreover, with the additions of 6 individual custom monitor mixes and 1 headphone output for the Front-of-House, monitoring becomes much easier and accurate. That’s not all, however – when I say countless, I absolutely mean it. Other than being able to use it as a recording and mixing console, the L-20 also triples as a USB audio interface. The console also offers wireless control, which I’m sure will come incredibly handy for live shows, podcasts and even streaming.

Incredible Versatility and Mobility

And those features above, my dear readers, are what makes the L-20 incredibly versatile. My favourite thing about this LiveTrak is that it’s the perfect solution to any situation – suitable for use on stage and in the studio, the L-20 truly becomes more (which is honestly Zoom’s point of creating the product in the first place). You’re able to use it for personal use – whether it’s for a simple livestream or podcast – and even for professional-audio. I hear what you’re saying, though – how can something with so many features be mobile? Like I can totally tell why it’s versatile, but mobile? Come on. Oho, and that’s where you’re wrong. The L-20 is totally transportable by one person, making it – once again – the perfect solution for any situation. It’s small and lightweight, meaning that it won’t be too much of a hassle to bring about.

The Perfect Solution for Any Situation!

And yeah, I’m aware that I’ve been writing that phrase for the past few paragraphs. But c’mon, you can’t deny it, right? The L-20 really is an all-in-one product; usable for recording, mixing, to use as an audio interface, to use in studio or on stage – the possibilities with it are endless. If you’re someone who understands that the L-20 indeed offers more – then what are you waiting for? The Zoom LiveTrak L-20 is waiting for you to whisk it away and take it to wherever you need it!

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Blog Written By: Isabella