So you walk into the showroom, looking to get your usual choice of strings. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot the usual packets that you’re so lovingly familiar with – voila! You start walking towards it, but then as you near the packets, you start to realise that something seems off.

Your footsteps slow, your eyes widen, and you gasp slightly in shock – GHS strings? Since when did the showroom have them?

As someone who’s probably familiar with most guitar strings out there (case in point Martin, D’addario, Elixir, Ernie Ball and etc), you’ve heard of GHS strings, alright. But now that it’s right here in front of you, you’re not exactly sure what to choose. And that, dear reader, is where I come in and welcome you into the wonderful world of GHS strings!

GHS Electric Guitar Strings

Classic Guitar Boomers

First off, we have the Classic Guitar Boomers. Consisting of nickel plated roundwound strings that are wound over a round core wire, they’re known for their bright, long-lasting tone and their powerful attack.

Coated Guitar Boomers

Secondly, we have the Coated Guitar Boomers. These strings consist of the same material, are wound with the same technique and are also wound on a round core wire as their classic counterparts – except that (as the name suggests) they’re coated. Despite that, they still have a bright and powerful tone while giving a well-balanced feel.

Burnished Nickel Rockers

The Burnished Nickel Rockers are made of pure nickel, are roundwound and are wound on a round core wire. They’re semi-flat due to being slightly flattened by computer-controlled precision rollers in the winding process. If you’re looking for a warm, bright tone reminiscent to that of the fifties and sixties, then perhaps these strings are meant for you!

GHS Electric Bass Strings

Bass Boomers

Now these strings are certainly something. One of the most popular bass strings in the world, the Bass Boomers utilize a nickel-plated steel wrap wire (with a special combination of stainless steel and nickel-plate on the low E and B strings) over a hex core. Because of that, they have a distinctive low-mid punch that sits well in any musical genre. Powerful and outstanding, if quality and durability is what you’re looking for in your bass strings, then these are just what you need!

GHS Acoustic Guitar Strings

Bright Bronze

Does your guitar sound overly mellow? Or are you just looking for strings that can add to or enhance the brightness of your guitar? If that’s the case, then Bright Bronze are perfect for the job! Made with an 80/20 copper zinc alloy and wound on a hex core, these strings retain the rich tone of bronze while also adding crisp and clear sound to the finish.

Phosphor Bronze

Made with a copper, tin and phosphor alloy while also wound on a hex core, these strings have the perfect core-to-cover ratio for increase brightness and flexibility. If you want strings that’ll give you more high-ends without the harsh overtones, then Phosphor Bronze is what you might just be looking for!

Vintage Bronze

If your guitar sounds a tad bit too bright, then Vintage Bronze is perfect for reining it in tonally. Created with a 85/15 copper zinc alloy and wound on a hex core wire, these strings add warmth and richness to your guitar.

GHS Classical Guitar Strings

Classic Guitar Strings

Carefully gauged and balanced to provide a satisfying tone and tension, the GHS Classic Guitar Strings are perfect for pros and amateurs alike. Three plain strings are made of Du Pont Tynex monofilament whilst the wound strings are made of a nylon strand core wrapped over either a phosphor bronze or a silvered copper wire.

GHS Ukulele Strings

Ukulele – Fluorocarbon

The GHS Ukulele Fluorocarbon strings were made for increased loudness while also providing a brilliant sound with slightly higher tension. Perfectly suited for fingerstyle, picking and strumming, these strings give your ukulele a tone that enhances your performance.

Ukulele – Nylon

Made to give the classic nylon feel yet provide an articulate, mellow tone, the GHS Ukulele Nylon is designed for all players. They also offer a slightly lower tension, making them perfect for strumming and picking.


Now that I’ve introduced you to the wonderful range of GHS strings that we now carry, it’s up to you to come here and decide which one speaks to you the most. Remember, this guide is just a guide – you’re the ruler of your own playing. You don’t necessarily need to care so much about the details of each string, what matters the most is its feel, tone, playability – so if something doesn’t feel right, feel free to switch it up and change!

However, I’m sure after reading through this guide, you now understand the quality and thought that goes into creating a GHS string. So if you’re insanely curious, do come down to the showroom and grab your opportunity to try them out as I’m sure that they won’t disappoint you at all!

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Blog Written By: Isabella