Founder's Day Sale 2020 is over and all prices are reverted back to original prices

Updated 30 March 2020


Founder's Day Special: fixed 10 ~ 40% discount from 27 ~ 29 March 2020 only.

In celebration of City Music Singapore's 52nd anniversary, we are extremely thrilled to announce the widely anticipated Founder's Day Sale 2020 from 27 March to 29 March 2020 only!

During this time, prices are reduced to nearly match our glorious Year End Sale discounts! That's right! Atop of the flat 10% storewide discount on non-promotional items, City Music Singapore are also gift-wrapping clearance products in absolutely ravishing discounts that will send you into a tizzy.

(Updated) View #FoundersSpecial FULL Price List!

Pick-and-choose an affordable ONLINE audio set-up 
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Rebates galore!

What’s a celebration without gifts?

Use 'em at the check out!

City Music Singapore are well-geared with daily exclusive rebates that rewards you purchasing on an earlier date!

Get $15 off knocked off your entire cart (with a minimum spend of $300) on 27 March 2020, Friday, $10 off on the second day of our sale and $5 off on the final day!

What are the codes again?

27 March 2020: use code 15OFFDAY1
28 March 2020: use code 10OFFDAY2
29 March 2020: use code 5OFFDAY3

What? There's vouchers too?

That’s not all… Oh no!


City Music Singapore is taking the extra leap and presenting you with saucy gift vouchers for your next purchase!

Valid from 1 April to 30 June 2020, these cash vouchers will be neatly wrapped on your delivery parcel (or given upon purchase in-store!) ranging from $5, $10 and $20!*

*Min. spend of under $500, above $500 and above $1000 accordingly
*Updated Terms & Conditions, see below (in blue)

 Terms & Conditions  (Cash Vouchers)

1. Showroom purchases will only entail to ONE (1) cash voucher redemption per customer.
2. Online purchases will entail:
- Customers are entailed to receiving each tier's cash voucher upon hitting required amount
- A maximum of 3 cash vouchers will be issued for purchases that hits, or goes above, $1,000
Example: If a customer’s entire cart is above $500, they will receive the $10 cash voucher and the $5 cash voucher (a total of 2 cash vouchers or $15 worth of cash vouchers)

(Updated) Your Safety Is Our Priority

Updated: 26 March 2020

From 26 March, tighter social distancing measures have been enforced by the government and in light of these updates, City Music will be moving forward with our special Founder's Day sale to be primarily an online sale.

We encourage ALL patrons and customers to NOT visit City Music's retail showroom during this time and to #stayhome, or #stayatwork to make your purchases on our webstore! To further incentivize your decision to making an online purchase, the cash vouchers redeemable during this Founder's Day Special (as shown above) will have it's terms & conditions amended to accurately reflect the updated changes.

Our social platforms will be running actively from 10AM to 7PM on Friday and Saturday only, alongside our City Music retail showroom phone line. Our team will do our best to address all inquiries and concerns during your purchase and to hopefully ensure you receive the same shopping experience in our showroom but online!

We express our humble gratitude for our patrons' pro-activity care for their own welfare.

(PSA VIDEO) COVID-19 PSA from City Music Singapore