Music soothes the savage beasts, they say. But we know how music gift-shopping for that musician in your life can drive you wild! So if your idea of gift-giving this Christmas is still stuck on pipers piping and lords a leaping (and what's a partridge?), City Music has got you covered!

From the beginner to the band hero, read on for our list of our 12 best music gift ideas for the music lover or musician in your life – and grab 'em now at a Year End Sale 2018 price!

1. ZOOM Q2n - for the YouTube cover artist


They don't call this “The Camera For Musicians” for nothing! This tiny wonder shoots full HD in an array of lighting conditions, and its built-in X/Y mics record quality sound with beautiful stereo imaging. With intuitive controls and one-button recording so simple even your drummer could handle it (j/k love you guys), whether at home, rehearsal, or a club, the Q2n will capture it all at its best.

2. KORG SP-170S - for the budding concert pianist


The SP-170S captures the piano essentials in an easy-to-use instrument anyone learning on a digital piano will love. Ten exquisite sounds, including an exhilirating concert grand piano, are just one button press away; while Natural Weighted Hammer Action keys and Key Touch Control help preserve the subtle expression of nearly any playing style. Two headphone outputs allow your budding pianist to share the sound simultaneously with a duet partner or teacher (duet partner / teacher not included).

3. Martin LX1E - for the singer / songwriter Sheeran enthusiast

Martin LX1E

It can't be bad if it's good enough for Ed! The same solid Sitka Spruce top, resonance and tone of premium Martins in a compact package make this one perfect to “pick up and play” (or even “plug-and-play” with its added Fishman Sonitone) at home, at the beach, at a church group or a gathering. Better get a few bottles of “pei pa kao” to prepare for a lot more impromptu sing-a-longs, though.

4. VOX Mini5 Rhythm - for the space-constrained Slash wannabe

VOX Mini5 Rhythm

99 adjustable rhythm patterns, 11 authentic amp models, and 8 on-board effects in a portable package will keep your electric-guitar hero rockin' around the Christmas tree... or wherever he/she may roam! Plus an output for headphones means you can enjoy a silent night while they practice the jingle bell rock for the umpteenth time.

5. Mackie MP-240 - for the band / worship leader

Mackie MP-240

When precision and high-fidelity is the name of the game, the MP-240 in-ear monitors step up to the plate and knock it out of the park. Its hybrid configuration of dynamic and balanced armature drivers, in an ergonomical enclosure offering maximum comfort and sound isolation, help ensure not only the sound but also the performance on stage rings true. Also great for audiophiles and classical music / jazz aficionados because of its balance and clarity.

6. MusicNomad Premium Care Kit - for the environmentally conscious musician / collector

MusicNomad MN140

MusicNomad Equipment Care products (also available for pianos, drums, and band instruments) are made from the highest quality, 100% non-toxic, non-abrasive ingredients that not only clean and polish instruments to revive scuffed finishes and restore their lustre, but also remain environmentally friendly (even their bottles are made from 100% PET recyclable plastic). Plus they smell GREAT, and part of their product sale proceeds go back to independent musicians and music non-profits, making this a gift that keeps on giving.

7. KORG minilogue - for the next-generation beat-maker 

KORG minilogue

This analog synthesizer not delivers polyphony and full programmability at a great price, but brings seriously brings the style in spades -- exactly what today's musician needs to stand out. With the powerful sound that's only possible with real analog, and tons of seamlessly integrated innovative features, minilogue is as fun and easy to use as it is powerful.

*Bonus tip: pair it with a Sequenz MP-TB1 backpack

8. Reunion Blues AERO-E1 - for the jet-setting six-stringer

Reunion Blues AERO-E1

Just so you know, they've flung guitars off a roof in their videos to prove the protection of their cases... And while it's not the same way your guitar player flies, it'll help him/her sleep better on the road knowing the AERO-E1 provides some heavy duty protection in a lightweight, comfortably padded, slim and low-profile shape. Don't blame us though if they get jealous of the signature double-helix quilted velvet interior lining 'cos their coach seats aren't as plush...

9. Samson Meteor Mic - for the PC / iPad podcaster

Samson Meteor Mic

E.T. would've not just “phoned home”, but broadcast all over the galaxy and gone viral with this shiny space-age looking gadget. The Meteor Mic has one of the largest condenser diaphragms (25mm) of any USB mic available, and its cardioid pickup pattern, smooth frequency response and 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution will give your podcaster professional audio results that are out of this world.

10. Mackie FreePlay LIVE - for the busker / emcee / presenter

Mackie FreePlay LIVE

Whether a vocal mic, keyboard, guitar, or even a Bluetooth streaming smartphone, whether it's busking outside an MRT station, kickin' out the jams at a party, or killing it with that presentation -- give them the gift of freedom and confidence to play / perform / present it long (with 15 hours of rechargeable lithium battery life), loud and proud with the power and crystal clear sound demanded in just about any public setting or party – then be able to pack it up, pick it up and repeat.

11. KORG AW-LT 100G - for the fretboard-tapper who craves precision


The AW-LT 100G clip-on tuner attaches directly to the instrument, and because of it's lightweight design, triangular shuttle switches for intuitive operation, and looooong battery life on a single AAA battery, it might as well stay there forever. Just like how you'll stay in his/her heart for this gift (on account of them being as ultra-high-precision as this tuner – but this has an accuracy of ±0.1 cent). The coloured strobe is also pretty cool, and there are other models available for instruments such as bass, violin, and trumpet.

12. Hartke TX300 - for the gigging bass player

Hartke TX300

The TX300 Bass Amplifier brings thunderous power and enormous tone control in a compact amp that can meet the demands of any gig. Featuring 300 watts packed into an aluminum chassis weighing only five pounds, the TX300 provides all the boost and tonal characteristics of of traditional amps, minus the backbreaking weight. When your bass player thanks you, don't forget to tell 'em who sent you.

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