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Martin MSP7100
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Martin MSP7100

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The natural tone and feel of the SP Lifespan sets will help you take your music to higher levels of performance. These strings are crafted with a passion for tone and acoustic excellence that has spanned for over 177 years. Long life strings don't have to be a compromise. Great acoustic instruments require great strings and Martin SP Lifespan strings deliver.


A regular acoustic guitar string consists of a bronze winding wrapped around a steel core. As you play, grime dirt and gunk gets trapped in between the windings over time. This dulls the strings and kills the tone of your guitar. Many players tend to put up with dead strings to delay and avoid the hassle of changing them.

Make up of a regular guitar string


Regular coated strings feature a thin layer of protective film that surrounds the exterior of the guitar string. This coating method tends to dampen the vibration of the string and degrades the natural tone. Coatings that extend the life of the string may change the tone and feel of the string to the point of making it a compromise - long life or natural tone.

Problems with regular coated strings


Martin SP Lifespan treated strings are different. All six strings are treated with Cleartone proprietary technology that reaches in between the windings and even till the steel hex core.

This flash treatment not only creates a barrier to dirt and grime, it won't restrain the windings and keeps it open to deliver a natural brilliant tone.

The Martin SP Lifespan difference

* Martin SP Lifespan uses a hex steel core. Unlike round core strings, this prevents unwanted slipping of the windings around the core.

We worked with Everly Music to test our Martin SP strings with the Cleartone proprietary treatment. We were astonished with the result! The ultra-thin treatment repels dirt and grime that deadens strings. We noted no flaking and no loss of treatment due to playing. The tone out of the box was natural and bright. We found a treatment for long-life that did not compromise the natural tone or feel of our top selling SP string.


String up with SP strings so you can stay in tune longer and play with confidence. Our SP Lifespan acoustic guitar strings start with our ultra-pure steel SP core wire giving you a perfect combination of tensile strength and response. We add bronze electroplating to protect and enhance the core wire.

Our wraps are a perfect combination of metals to give you the warmth or brilliance you demand. Our custom wrapping technique ensures tight tolerances to gauge and tension.

Manufactured in our facility, Martin SP acoustic guitar strings are crafted for tone and performance. From traditional brass ferrules to engineered lock twists, our raw materials and high quality standards deliver Superior Performance!



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